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Chief Happiness Officer

"One happy man full of life" (friend's quote)

Born in a cute Belgian village near Germany, I was fortunate to have a
happy childhood and a 
wonderful family. I later moved to Brussels,
where I studied, worked, lived and loved for many years.

Professional life took me to Budapest, where I got "stuck",
as the city turned out to be an inspiration in many ways - 
building my own business whilst pursuing my professional career.

Above all, I aspire to be the musician that  runs in me,
grateful to have great friends, and to travel & explore the world.

About me

Music was my first love ...

Age 6, I knew my life would be all about music,

so I got my parents to buy me a piano.

At music school, I figured I hear all notes in any music - instantly.

With it came the ability to play just anything right away,

but also vanity, dropping musical education too early.

Today, though not a classical virtuoso, I take great joy in

composing and playing the piano, 

filling any space with love and joy.

"I am music, and music is me"


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