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Chief Happiness Officer

"One happy man full of life" (friend's quote)

Born in a lovely Belgian village on the German border, growing up modestly,
I was lucky to have a great family supporting my studies in Brussels,
where I worked, lived and loved for many years.

Professional life took me to Budapest in 2008, and I got "stuck".
Budapest turned out to be an inspiration to being creative,
building my own business whilst pursuing my professional career.

Beside my intense life style, above all I aspire to be the musician that  runs in me.
I'm thankful to have great friends around, to travel and discover the world,
to make others happy and to support causes and values that I believe in.

About me

Music was my first love ...

Age 6, I knew my life would be all about music,

so I got my parents to buy me a piano.

At music school, I figured I can hear all notes in any music - instantly.

With it came the ability to play just anything right away,

but also vanity, dropping musical education too early.

Today, though not a classical virtuoso, I take great joy in

composing and playing the piano, reaching out to those around,

filling the space with passion and love.

"I am music, and music is me"


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